Virtual Vikings

Your students can spend 45 minutes discovering what life was like in the Viking Age from the perspective of different 10th-century inhabitants of the city of Jorvik in our Virtual Viking Sessions.

Meet with the settlers living in the Viking city, marvel at goods from distant lands, or hear tales of warriors, gods and giants. These interactive sessions are presented by one of our team in character as a Viking-age townsperson who will help your pupils explore your chosen topic through discussion, activities and live Q&A.

Virtual Vikings Workshops

It’s time to prepare for battle! Discover some of the causes of raiding and warfare in  Viking times. See some of the weapons that were used and hear tales of how clever  strategies brought victory on the battlefield.

Not everyone in the Viking period was a raider: meet a friendly settler from the 10th century city of Jorvik. Discover more about how they made their living, kept a home and  the items they traded with distant lands.

Experience the magic of Viking sagas and poetry with a Viking storyteller. Discover the  stories of gods, giants and heroes in Viking society and hear some of the Old Norse  language spoken on these shores over a thousand years ago.

Who would treat an injured warrior or sickly settler? Learn how plants, animals, insects  and even magic were used to cure ailments of the past and decide which cures you think  would work best.

Help your pupils enhance their history studies or develop ideas for literacy work by  interviewing one of our Vikings! Pose questions about lifestyle, food, clothing and homes, or  enquire about their travels and adventures- it’s a Viking encounter like no other!

*Available November and December only. Gather around the hearth during the festive  season to hear how the residents of Jorvik are preparing for their celebrations.  From the ancient Scandinavian traditions of Jól, to the Christ’s Mass celebrated by Anglo Saxons and Vikings in England, discover the stories, gifts and festivities shared in the  Yuletide season. 

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