Themed Loan Boxes

Our themed loan boxes bring history to life in your classroom. Learn about the daily life of a Viking or how archaeologists discover more about the past. Each box is filled with artifacts, replicas, as well as teacher’s notes, giving you a range of resources to bring the past to life.

From food production to clothing, personal possessions to pastimes, discover the similarities and differences between the past and today. Handle and analyse a range of fascinating artefacts and replicas. Each box comes with a complete set of teachers’ notes, giving background information on contents or even lesson ideas. 

Our loan boxes are designed for Key Stage 2 learners but can be used by any age group. They can also be adapted to suit the needs of SEND groups as well as home learners. 

 Our themed loan boxes include:

Each box cost £24 for the first week, followed by £6 per additional week up to a maximum of four weeks.  

Loan boxes have to be collected and returned to our DIG attraction on St. Saviourgate, York. Unfortunately, we cannot send the boxes via post or courier. Please see our handy Loan Box Teachers’ Guide (PDF, 8MB) for more information about making a loan box booking.  

To enquire about a loan box booking, please fill in our enquiry form here.

Alternatively, contact our Reservations Team by email to [email protected] or by phone on 01904 615505. 

*All pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual loan box contents may vary.


Used to either compliment a visit to JORVIK or study Vikings our Loan Box brings the Viking Age to the classroom. Each box contains both real and replica artefacts for your class to interact with.

Plan your trip to JORVIK here.


Is your class learning about the Romans? Explore what everyday life, religion, personal appearance and more with our Roman loan box. Support your classes learning by letting them get hands on with replicas and artefacts or also as a link for a trip to DIG. 

Plan your trip to DIG: An Archaeological Adventure.


Transport your students to the 16th century with our tudor loan box! Consisting of a fascinating selection of objects covering education, pastimes as well as the home life of the era. Why not visit our Barley Hall townhouse where these objects could have been in used?

Plan your trip to Barley Hall.


Learn about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the iron age through the lens of barrow burials! Replica objects such as tools, materials and personal objects provide fascinating evidence for these intriguing eras. 

Learn more about our DIG! Digital Prehistory virtual outreach session.

Star Carr

Designed with archaeologists from the Star Carr Archaeology Project, this box contains a variety of replica artefacts, including an example of the famous antler headdresses, to bring the mesolithic period to life!

Learn more about the Star Carr Archaeology Project.


Investigate a range of real archaeological materials excavated  by York Archaeology, from pottery and building materials, to animal bones, teeth and shells!  Our archaeology box provides plenty of opportunities for STEM learning within the context of  historical enquiry as pupils explore archaeological techniques as well as chronology.