Shaking Hands with the Past

Our fun and informative vodcast series ‘Shaking  Hands with the Past’ helps pupils investigate Viking and medieval artefacts and is ideal for watching in the classroom or at home.

As part of ‘Finding the Future’, we have produced two series of vodcasts entitled ‘Shaking Hands with the Past’ specifically for our learning audience. Each of these presentations features one of our unique artefacts and  explains their use, construction and history in easily understood terms and with the help of a  friendly Viking or medieval resident of York! These vodcasts can be used by teachers and  Home Educators to help bring history alive.

Alongside the videos, download the Curator’s Diary activity booklet to get children thinking about what they learn. Educators can follow this guide to help with these activities.

Season 1 - Viking

Episode 1 - Viking Sock

Episode 2 - Viking Coin Die

Episode 3 - Viking Board Game

Episode 4 - Viking Instruments

Season 2 - Medieval

Episode 1 - Archer's Bracer

Episode 2 - Ampullae

Episode 3 - Seal Matrices

Episode 4 - Medieval Mystery Object