Medieval Matters

In our medieval matters sessions, you can discover life in a medieval city as recounted by our diligent citizens.

 From the pageantry and politics of a royal visit, to the hustle and bustle of a prosperous townhouse, there’s bound to be something to get your students in a medieval mindset.

Medieval Matters Sessions

Brush up on your manners and meet a friendly inhabitant from York’s medieval townhouse, Barley Hall. Discover what life was like for both the family and the servants living in a busy merchant’s household. Would your class would have enjoyed working as a steward or maid?

Experience the story of the struggle for the crown between the Houses of York and Lancaster first-hand from one of the city’s residents. Hear more about life in the city under King Richard III, his rise to the throne and the battles of the Wars of the Roses that paved the way.

York has recently been visited by King Henry VIII and you can hear all about it from one of his more opinionated subjects. Learn about Henry’s new laws and how the English Reformation has transformed the city and led to unrest. Whose side will you be on?

Explore how medical practices have changed through the ages by coming face-to-face with our medieval medic. Learn about diagnosis, cures and preventative measures as you explore the tools of the trade for physicians, surgeons and other healers in the Middle Ages.

*Available November and December only. Connect online with a friendly servant from York’s medieval townhouse, Barley Hall, this festive season. Discover how a wealthy Lord Mayor’s house would be decorated for Christmastide celebrations and find out about the decadent dishes served at a 15th-century feast, with plenty of merriment and misrule along the way. 

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