History Sessions - Key Stage 4/5

We have history sessions specially designed to support Key Stage 4 and 5 history studies. Dig deeper into topics such as the impact the Vikings had on Britain or learn about medieval medicine.

These sessions work as a perfect complement to visiting us, as well as a stand-alone online workshop if you’re not able to come to us in person.

Invasion and Impact: Unearthing Viking-Age York (GCSE/A Level) History Sessions

Devised to support GCSE and A-Level history topics exploring the legacy of Viking migration and expansion in Britain, including:

  • Edexcel Migrants in Britain 800-Present day
  • AQA Migration, empires and the people: c790 to the present day
  • OCR The Viking Age 790-1066
  • OCR Viking Expansion 790-1066

Using the well-preserved archaeological evidence discovered in Viking York as a case study, students will be introduced to how we can analyse and also interpret these remains to learn more about this intriguing period of history.

Book this virtual outreach session in preparation for a trip to JORVIK and we can also prepare your students for their close-up encounter with the collection on display, to ensure they make the most of their visit. If you’re unable to visit us in person, this session can also be presented as a stand-alone workshop on Viking-age York, tailored to fit your learning requirements.

Meet the Medieval Medic (GCSE) History Sessions

This session has been devised to support your medicine-through-time thematic study for History GCSE. Our medieval barber-surgeon will discuss contemporary attitudes to wellbeing, illness and medicine, as well as the range of treatments and practitioners  available to people in the medieval city. The role of hospitals, the Church and the ancient writings of Hippocrates and Galen will all come under the spotlight.