Festive Virtual Outreach

Back for Winter 2023, add some seasonal cheer to your history lessons with an exclusive festive virtual outreach this term!

Available for bookings only in November and December 2023. Your students can spend 45 minutes connecting online with a Viking settler or medieval servant in our festive virtual outreaches.

Choose to learn about winter celebrations in the Viking or medieval past in these fun, seasonal history sessions.

A Viking wearing lots of layers to keep warm during a festive virtual outreach.

Meet a Viking: Yuletide in Jorvik

Gather around the hearth in this festive season to hear how the Viking residents of JORVIK are preparing for their winter celebrations. From the ancient Scandinavian traditions of Jól, to the Christ’s Mass celebrated by Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in England, discover the stories, gifts and festivities shared in the Yuletide season.

Deck the Halls of Barley Hall

Connect online with a friendly servant from York’s medieval townhouse, Barley Hall in this seasonal session. Discover how a wealthy Lord Mayor’s house would be decorated for Christmastide celebrations and find out about the decadent dishes served at a 15th-century feast, with plenty of merriment and misrule along the way.

A man in medieval costume is ready to eat a pie in a festive virtual outreach.

All you need to take part in a festive virtual outreach is a webcam, microphone and access to a video conferencing platform.

We recommend our virtual outreach sessions for class sizes of up to 40 children, to give them the best experience. If you are booking several sessions for multiple classes, we offer discounts on multiple virtual outreach bookings.

We will also be running these sessions at set times for Home Educators in December – find out more here.