DIG Digital

In our DIG Digital sessions hear from one of our friendly archaeologists. Enjoy a 45-minute session exploring the fascinating archaeology of a period of your choice.  

Find out how our field archaeologists plan for a dig, see some exclusive finds from York’s excavations and help to uncover the mysteries of some of the most significant sites in the UK. These virtual outreaches are a great option for exploring STEM topics too.

DIG Digital Sessions

Why did the Vikings come to Britain, and who were they really? Analyse the evidence  they left behind to challenge and support your ideas about the Norse raiders and settlers of the 10th century.

Can you tell your fortress from your colonia? Piece together evidence from the fort, houses and workshops of the empire’s northernmost military city for an exciting glimpse into life in Roman York.

What changes took place from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age? Discover Yorkshire’s most important prehistoric sites and explore the evidence for changes in technology, diet and lifestyle.

Learn more about our Virtual Vikings and Medieval Matters Sessions.