We want to ensure that all learners have enjoyable and comfortable visits to our attractions. Accordingly, we have a range of accessibility provisions in place for your students.  

The York Archaeology learning team has a strong commitment to making our learning  programme inclusive and accessible for all. 

Our attractions accessibility guides provide a comprehensive overview of accessibility at each site, with lots of information to help you prepare for your educational visit.  

You can also make use of the visual stories for each attraction, which you and your students can use to learn about what you might experience on your visit, complete with guidance on the multi-sensory aspects of your activities. There is also a list of helpful resources below, to make use of whilst you visit. 

Please let our Reservations team know of any additional access needs your group may have  as we have a range of resources we can supply should you require them. Contact us via  email at [email protected] or call 01904 615505.

Accessibility Overview

JORVIK: JORVIK Viking Centre is completely accessible for people who are wheelchair  users although fire regulations require that we permit no more than one person who uses a  wheelchair into the building. It is essential for you to inform us of any pupils or staff who are  wheelchair users in your group when you are making your booking so that we can guarantee  access and support on your arrival. Read the JORVIK Access Guide here(PDF, 4MB)

DIG: The DIG tour is accessible to wheelchair users and additional resources can be  provided. The tour has hands-on and tactile elements, suitable for those with a visual  impairment. The classroom and lunch room based at DIG are on the first floor but are  accessible by lift. Read the DIG Access Guide here (PDF, 2 MB)

Barley Hall: Unfortunately due to the structure of this historic building, wheelchair access is  extremely limited. The ground floor can only be accessed by people who are wheelchair  users via ramps over thresholds. There are steep stairs and high thresholds throughout.  Read the Barley Hall Access Guide here (PDF, 5 MB).

Visual Stories and Sensory Guides

These visual stories have been created for pupils visiting our attractions as part of school groups. They include images and descriptions of what you can expect to see, hear, smell and touch at every point.

JORVIK Viking Centre Visual Story and Sensory Guide for School Visits (PDF, 8 MB)

DIG Visual Story and Sensory Guide for School Visits (PDF, 7 MB)

Barley Hall Visual Story and Sensory Guide for School Visits (PDF, 3 MB)